Recruitment and Retention Plan Outlines

Recruitment and Retention Plan Outlines

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Please know that this assignment has 2 parts. Be cognizant that both components complement one another.


Part One:
Recruitment and Retention Plan Outlines

You will create a topical outline concentrating on the details of a recruitment and retention plan.

You may also review the XanEdu resource Managing for Employee Retention (included).

A sample recruitment plan from another U.S.-based university may assist you as you complete this task. It can be viewed in the 

Recruitment Plan Template

 Download Recruitment Plan Template


For this, please complete the following:

· Create a topical outline (consisting of 6-7 topical sections) for a recruiting plan for an organization you are interested in.

· Create a topical outline (consisting of 6-7 topical sections) for a retention plan for the same organization.

You will use these outlines to help you create the plans for Part 2.


Part Two:
Recruitment and Retention Plan

Over the past 10 weeks of this course, you have studied and developed an understanding of several key recruitment and employee retention topics and strategies. As you’ve learned, recruiting and retaining the right employees is an important part of managing and maintaining a successful organization. You will now draw from the knowledge you have gained in the prior week’s discussions and assignments to develop a final recruitment and retention plan.


Develop a 6-7 page recruitment and retention plan for entry-level college graduate candidates at a company of your choice, based on the topical outline (part one) you created. Ensure that your plan is clear and capable of implementation by HRMs or other company managers. Your plan may include elements or sections common within your selected company’s industry.

· Explain why specific job positions are needed to support the company’s strategic goals and objectives.

· Be sure to identify each job position by title.

· Describe the recruitment tactics you intend to deploy, with justification, including messaging, candidate assessment, and effectiveness measurement.

· Create a recruitment planning template applicable to a targeted industry, including key elements in communications, interviews, or hiring considerations for a targeted industry.

· Refer to the Washington State recruitment planning template as an example.

· Describe the practices and strategies you will implement, with justification, to improve the company’s retention rate.

· Explain what specific recruitment and retention actions you will take, with justification, to help ensure a diverse workforce.

· Use a minimum of 6 sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment. Number all sources within the paper.


Review the following resources:


Recruitment Plan Template.

Download Recruitment Plan Template.

· Managing For Employee Retention, which is located on the XanEdu page under the Course Information module.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

· Develop a recruitment and retention plan that will help achieve organizational goals while supporting workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion.