Replying to two students

Replying to two students

((First student))

Hello everyone,

         The National Head Start Association (NHSA) is a group that helps young kids from low-income families through the Head Start program. They offer training and resources to people who work with kids in Head Start. NHSA also advocates for policies that benefit kids and families in the Head Start program. Their goal is to make sure all kids have access to good-quality early education and support, no matter their background.

          NHSA's professional development resources can help me learn new skills to support kids and families better. They offer training and tools on topics like education and health. By using NHSA's resources, I can improve my work and provide better help to the children and families I work with.

​​Do they focus on a specific age group?

Yes, NHSA focuses on helping young children from birth to age five, as well as pregnant women and their families.

Do they offer training opportunities?

Yes, NHSA offers training opportunities through its professional development program.


((SECOND student:))

Hello class, 

Zero to Three organization focuses on babies from birth to age 3. They want for all babies and toddlers to have a strong start in life because they understand that healthy connections helps build babies brains, so they help equip teachers and families by providing many resources for all. For the families, Zero to Three supports them with giving them resources with how to connect with their baby positively and deeper. Not only will this help families but also teachers as myself to be able to better understand a child and see which teaching methods would work best for each child. Zero to Three is a resource that a teacher can always use and for families as well. They cover every topic a parent may have questions about. They have over thousands of useful resources for parents to read and apply with their own baby. From mental health issues in young children and how that might look like, activities to bond with baby from birth, and more. They also provide these resources in Spanish for Spanish speaking families. Zero to Three does offer training opportunities. They offer 6  at the moment and they range from $99 to $1299 depending on the training you choose. I think Zero to Three is a powerful resource for teachers and families to use because it has so much insight in what's happening to the baby's brain development when they are being loved and cared for. This resource is one that truly cares for the well being of every baby and supports the family.