Research Question

Research Question

My Research Question is : ” How does social media influence self esteem on many young adults , which can lead to Social Depression?”

i. What is your research question?
1. Provide a clear and focused question

ii. Why have you selected this research question?
1. This is where you clearly and directly address why you find this
topic interesting and/or important. This does not require you to
disclose personal information. However, you do want to share a
little bit about what has sparked your interest in this area of

 iii. How does this research question contribute to the field of psychology?
1. This is where you will clarify if your research question fills a gap
in our existing research related to this topic OR if it asks a
new/novel question that has not been previously asked and


2. Reference List Requirements
a. Complete the Research Proposal 1 Worksheet. This worksheet includes a
reference template on page 2. Use this template as a guide and replace the
example references with your list of five references. Please do not exceed five
references. Make sure all references meet the following criteria:
i. Five empirical peer-reviewed journal articles related to your topic.
1. Only original research articles
ii. References from the past 5 years.
iii. References presented as an APA formatted reference page.
iv. Include the library link to each article (link must work).