Response 1.612

Response 1.612


100 word Response 1 reference/intext citation Due 1/18/2024


There is a number of reason of why this could be deemed inadmissible in the court. The first reason that comes up as to why the confession may not be admissible would be because they did not read him his Miranda rights when they took him to the police station. Although it does not state that he was placed under arrest or not, his attorneys can argue that he was not made aware whether he was arrested or not and therefore they should have read him his rights. Furthermore, another reason why his confession might be successfully challenged because they can argue that his confession was coerced and therefore considered to be a false confession. The police officers kept harrasing Cartman and telling him that they knew it was him who made the call and kept demanding the location of the bomb. By Cartman feeling intimidating, his defense counsel can argue that this led to a false confession due to fear or to just be able to tell something to the police so they could leave him alone.