RW week 3

RW week 3

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RW week 3


Your understanding of influences that can impact care delivery has likely been brought into better focus and perhaps even expanded from engaging with the learning resources in the week 2 module.

Through prior course learning resources, and enforcement from this week’s learning resources you have  should have a firm foundation in locating and appraising ‘data’ that can serve as an aid to inform practice decisions.

attaching week 2

Based on your appraisal of the literature about the identified critical need and potential solutions:

  1. Propose current best practice strategy/strategies to address this critical need.
    • Identify whether your proposed strategy/strategies are operational at the micro, meso, and/or macro system level.
  2. Identify key performance indicators (metrics/benchmarks) that are relevant for monitoring/evaluating the outcome of your selected best practice.