Scenarios: door-in-the-face technique

Scenarios: door-in-the-face technique

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For this discussion, I would like you to choose one of the following principles of influence from the Cialdini reading and create a scenario in which you use one of these approaches to persuade someone else to your perspective. For example, you might use the
door-in-the-face technique to persuade a friend to take you to the airport and then pick you up when you return. Your friend will likely decline the initial first offer of taking two trips but may accept a smaller follow-up offer of taking you to the airport, but not picking you up when you return.

In your scenario, I want you to identify which of the three motivations (accuracy, affiliation, or maintenance of positive self-concept) is driving the person you are persuading. I also want you to identify if you are appealing to a desire for
compliance or

one of the following principles for your scenario:


· Affect and arousal

· That’s not all technique

· Resistance

· Authority and obedience

· Social norms

· Reciprocation

· Foot-in-the-door

· Consistency and commitment


· Perceived consensus

· Dynamic systems

· Automatic activation

· Behavioral mimicry

· Gaining social approval

· Majority and minority influence

· Deindividuation effects