Scientific Method Discussion

Scientific Method Discussion

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Discussion questions are listed below. Each question is meant to be an independent thread. If you are the first to post on a particular question, please use the question number and title in your subject. Once a question has been started, please put your posts on that question 
within the existing thread.

Note: You need three total posts, but you don’t have to answer all three questions! All of your posts could be in one question if you like. Participate in the question(s) that interest you most.

1. “I’m Lost on Experiment X!”

You will take a quiz on this material before I can grade your worksheet. So it’s a good idea to check in with your classmates on any confusions you have first! If you pose a question, you 

 say what you 
think the answer is and why. Simply asking for generic help won’t count! Reply to your classmates’ posts if you think you can help.

2. Bad Hypotheses

Briefly describe a simple experiment in one or two sentences and make a bad hypothesis based on the common mistakes listed in the PreLab. Reply to each other’s posts citing the kind of error made and what a better hypothesis would be.

3. Home Experiment

You make all kinds of comparisons at home.  Choosing the best laundry detergent, deciding which route to work is the fastest, etc.  Pick one of these and propose an experiment, complete with all three types of variables named.  Critique each other’s experiments and suggest improvements.  Consider how the dependent variable will be measured, which control variables are most important, and whether a control experiment is needed.

You must participate in at least one of the discussions. Make sure you post at least once by the first post date (check the schedule), that some of your posts are replies to other classmates, and that you post at least three times.