Shot List

Shot List

After watching the "AWESOME SCENE" carefully. Count the number of cuts, and then the number of shots. They should be different numbers.

Carefully determine the number of "setups" or shots in the scene. Remember, when the camera cuts back to the same shot, it is NOT a new shot. It is a new cut. If you list out every single cut in your shot list, I will deduct significant points.

Reverse-engineer the shot plan for this scene. You must create 2 out of the 3:
1. Shot List
2. Storyboard
3. Overhead

Create a shot list and then you only have to do a storyboard OR overhead. Of course, if you do both, you will receive extra credit!
You may use my template or create your own, but if the shot list, storyboard or overhead are too messy for me to read or understand, I will not count them. They must be legible to someone other than you (namely, me).

Submit your 2 documents here as one PDF or 2 separate PDF documents.