South Florida Archaeology Research Paper

South Florida Archaeology Research Paper

I need a research paper and outline dealing with any topic that goes around South Florida archaeology. 

Style Guide for Anthropological and Archaeological Research Papers

Information taken from the American Anthropological Association guidelines, additional information can be found at the Association’s website:


AAA uses
The Chicago Manual of Style (1993)
with certain exceptions.


All published quotations must be cited with year and page number(s):

(Ardren 1992:78). When a cited extract runs to more than four text lines, it must be set off as a block; double indented and single spaced.

Text Citations:

All references must be cited in author-date format; all citations must be listed in a “References Cited” page at the end of the paper. Place citations at the end of the sentence in which cited material occurs in the following format (Ardren 2002:2). Use colon, no space between year of publication and page number. Use “et al.” in text for publications with more than three authors, but spell out all authors in “References Cited”. Do not used “ibid” for repeated references.

Examples for “References Cited” page. All references must be in alphabetical order.

Josserand, J. Kathryn

“Women in Classic Maya Hieroglyphic Texts”. In
Ancient Maya Women, T.
Ardren editor:114-151. AltaMira Press: Walnut Creek, California.

Kunzig, Robert

“A Tale of Two Obsessed Archaeologists, One Ancient City, and Nagging Doubts
About Whether Science Can Ever Hope to Reveal the Past”
Discover May

Renfrew, Colin and Paul Bahn


Archaeology: Theories, Methods, and Practice. Thames and Hudson: London.


Give full citation (author and title, if possible) and full web page address. Ex.,

Gatto, Maria “Hunting for the Elusive Nubian A-Group People” Archaeology magazine web site, http://www.archaeology.org/magazine.php?page=online/features/hierakonpolis/Nubian.