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What is the role of telecommunications in the health care information technology industry? How are telecommunication networks used in health care organizations where you currently are or have previously been employed? What roles do telecommunications systems have in maintaining the security of health care information technology?

RESPONSES: minimum of 175 words

 1)Starla Mcfarland

Telecommunications in healthcare enable the secure and efficient exchange of information between providers, patients, and others. Telemedicine and telehealth play a massive role in delivering health services, and COVID contributed to the surge in the use of telemedicine. Patients can also access prescriptions and consultations—electronic health records designed to support health information exchange. Many providers use teleconferencing for patient healthcare coordination. Mobile health is an enormous contribution as well. Patients can access healthcare on a mobile device, like getting healthcare everywhere. My healthcare organization uses electronic health records to access, update, and share secure EHR. The organization also uses telemedicine (Telecommunication networks), which enables telemedicine delivery to patients—secure Messaging through My Chart, a data exchange platform. The role of telecommunications in healthcare is to keep health information safe, secure communication, exchange data, and take access control measures to protect patient data. When I log in to my system, I use a Virtual private network (VPN), which creates a secure network to access sensitive patient information. Telecommunications plays a huge role in healthcare, helping protect themselves from cybersecurity risks and patients' confidentiality.

2) Dajauna Hood 

 Telecommunications facilitates remote patient monitoring and real- time data sharing, which enhances the quality care. Healthcare providers can monitor patents vital signs, receive automated alerts in case of emergencies, and provide timely interventions. Communicating and collaborating with other clinicians to treat patients also including remote clinical services through technologies like videoconferencing the patients and clinical staff. This is giving a lot of opportunities to communicate and connect with the patient in many different forms with using technology like calls, data, text, images, and videos are different forms of communicating with telecommunication. Now a days with the growing of technology we use telecommunication a lot while continuing to grow each and everyday; we are able to make, change, cancel appointments, ask questions to clinical and non clinical staff, prescriptions, test results so many things we have access to in the comfort our own home just by using the telecommunication technology that we are presented with in todays world. Telecommunications have a lot to do with maintaining the security of the health care information because a lot of personal data and patient information is exposed; that's why making sure the security is always up running is very important.