Training Module

Training Module

For this assignment, you are going to create your own learning module. You are going to use the template attached.

Actions to design a mini-training session for your fellow teachers. The topic you are going to select is Building Social Skills. I have provided you with some introductory information on the topic to get you started. For your training, each section should be filled out. Your module should include the following:

  • 3 Measurable objectives (3 pts)
  • 2 Videos (you can either create them yourself OR find one already created) (3 pts)
  • 3 Articles (cite) (3 pts)
  • 2 Activities/Assessments (6 pts)


Some short, attention-grabbing introduction to the module. Many faculty record a short video to give an overview of the module, it’s purpose and expectations. Variations on this can include a video dialogue between two people. Others use a text-based overview. The module overview is also often a good place to activate students’ prior knowledge and experience.

Module Objectives:

After successful Completion of this module, you should be able to:

* Learning objective 1

* Learning objective 2 (etc.)

Course Materials

The materials you will provide for students to facilitate and/or demonstrate the learning. These might be videos, reading materials, samples or examples, case studies, simulations, etc. Add these materials to the course in the order that you want students to use them. Provide brief guidance, as needed to. You can use labels like those listed below for individual materials, on group them together under a single label like “Weekly Content” or “Learning Materials”:




Activities/Assessments :

Learners get to apply the new knowledge they have acquired in the module. Refer back to your learning objectives when making decisions about activities and assessments. You want to be sure that you are asking students to do the things that you said they would learn how to do and that their performance will demonstrate that learning.

Remember to include opportunities for students to interact with each other in some of your assignments and activities.

Note that not all course assignments need to be summative (i.e. resulting in a grade or other performance evaluation.) Course activities might also allow students to process, practice or integrate new knowledge through discussions or reflection questions, for example. However, be sure that ungraded activities include some useful feedback component or other substantial motivation for students to complete them.