Trauma-Sensitive and Resilience-Enhancing School

Trauma-Sensitive and Resilience-Enhancing School

The purpose of the assignment is to design a visual model representing a trauma-sensitiveand resilience-enhancing school (or your organization). The model visually demonstrates a plan of action to help students feel safe, connected, self-regulate behavior and achieve academic success. To complete the assignment, do the following:

· Design a visual model that includes the following: 

  • A title to identify as pre-school, elementary, middle school or high school or organization you serve.
  • Visual representation of both trauma sensitive and resilience enhancing components.
  • Identifies plan of action to help all students: 1)feel safe, 2) connected to school culture, 3) self-regulate behavior, and 4) achieve academic success.
  • Creative original design (not copied from a design already created) that is esthetically engaging.
  • APA label to identify visual model.
  • Headings,In-textcitations,andReferencepageperAPAguidelines.

Utilize an APA formatted title page, plus 3-4 pages of writing total (including your model), that explains your visual model in written word, headings, and references page.

OR you may utilize a visual presentation; PowerPoint YouTube Prezi, ZOOM recording or any other audio/visual presentation with the requirement of instructor access to review

for grading. Voice and video required. Utilize the same content noted for the written assignmentabove. While APA formatting will be limited; it is expected that an introduction and purpose is stated, scholarly writings are cited per APA 7 and a slide/s for Reference page is provided. Presentation is 8-10 minutes in length, note cover page and reference page do not require reading/review.