Unsafe School

Unsafe School

Review the impact Prepare a brief paper synthesizing federal, state, and local legislation and/or

regulations regarding the school safety related points (Unsafe School Option) in No Child Left

Behind. Summarize the review by offering an opinion about “why” our nation moved in the

direction required by No Child Left Behind and how “persistently dangerous schools” can be


The paper should reflect that you:

Reviewed three websites related to “No Child Left Behind” and provide a brief paragraph

description of each web site and school safety related points in the federal regulation.

Identified two primary state statutes that relate to school safety issues and persistently

dangerous schools as indicated in No Child Left Behind Act.Refer to your home state

for this part of the activity.

Reviewed local school board rules regarding safety and security that may have been inspired by

issues as indicated in No Child Left Behind.Refer to your home school district for this part of the


You should be able to accomplish this in four pages or less.All papers must adhere to the most

current Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

4 pages

What are the predominant elements of the unsafe school options in mississippi.  Explain the option and give example.

Give your opinion as to why we had to come up in the United States the unsafe school options

Explain persistently dangerous school.  Give and example.

Include the definition of persistently dangerous school

What qualifies a school to be persistently dangerous school.  Give example

What kind of crime is considered persistently dangerous 

How many incidents are consider to be persistently dangerous

How often

How can a school that has met the definition of persistently dangerous 

school mitigate or prevent and be label as a dangerous school.

What are some of your ideas 

Explain the dangerous persistence school 

Give your opinion and feedback as to why this happens

Review the website about no child left behind and provide a paragraph 

State a status example (Aaron Feis School Guardian Act)

Example of a status about school police

Example of things that are required for a persistently dangerous school.  Example review school policy, and a walk through the school by law enforcement every year.

Give some local rules that became local status.