You do not need access to the text for the class in order to complete this assignment! Analyze the video "Lost In Motion" and describe the technical execution of the dancer, the emotional response elucidated by the audience (you…what senses are feeling as you watch this solo performance?). This also in terms of the choreography…..what do you feel was the intent of the choreographer? Does this feel more like an abstract dance with no theme or storyline that was just meant to entertain? Or is it a more thematic dance and if so, what is the theme? Or does it actually have a narrative and if so, what is the story? There is really not right or wrong on your part but try to defend what you feel the choreographic intent is through your perspective in watching the dance. Also describe what you feel is the impact of the technology involved including the camera angles and use of slo-motion captioning. To receive full credit for this discussion also respond to at least two others of your classmates' postings by the due date and time. Remember you must first post your observation before you will have the opportunity to see your classmates' posts that you can then respond to by stating why you agree (or not) with what they have observed. Do not simply "agree" or "disagree". You must have a justification!