W12 Welfare: Morality of social services

W12 Welfare: Morality of social services

Human services workers are found in virtually every social agency from hospitals to community health centers. More recent (and often controversial questions) arise from whom human services workers should serve and when they should serve them. As we know, there are Issues in several states regarding the influx of migrants that present large-scale issues that are currently impacting the human service field and warrant further thinking:

After viewing the video clips and researching 3 additional peer reviewed reference articles, answer the following questions about the migrant issue only:

  1. Morality of social services – Who shall receive services, and on what terms?
  2. Nature of social obligations – For what needs and problems regarding the migrant population is society responsible, and which shall receive priority?
  3. Preferred interventions – What kind of policy remedies should be chosen to address the migrant issue? 
  4. Compensatory strategies – Should society give preferential assistance or treatment to members of specific groups that lag behind the rest of the population in economic and other conditions? 
  5. Magnitude of federal policy roles  What policy powers should federal authorities possess, and what should be the magnitude of federal social spending? 

Fighting for a Future: America’s Migration Reckoning

Impact of the migrant crisis on the 2024 election

Formatting for this Assignment.

  • You will need three additional references besides the video clips. 
  • Your references cannot be a hyperlink.
  • You must use peer reviewed articles dated within the last five years.
  • For every in-text citation you must list the entire source on the reference page
  • Your work must be double-spaced.
  • Your paragraphs must consist of 5-7 sentences only (points will be deducted for longer paragraphs).
  • You must have an introduction and a conclusion.
  • Do not complete the assignment using a list of bullet points.
  • Read, cite, summarize, and discuss. Integrate your thoughts based on the articles you read to agree or disagree with the information.