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Psychological testing has been found useful in uncovering both diagnostic and nondiagnostic information that can assist in (a) developing a case formulation, (b) developing a treatment plan, and (c) modifying treatment plans for patients who are not making the expected progress toward their treatment goals. In these cases, testing may be able to elicit insight into barriers to progress that might not otherwise be available to the substance abuse clinician.

Read Ch. 3 and summarize the following. Your response must demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of psychological testing methods for case formulation and treatment. Submit using well-organized paragraphs, double-spaced, using a minimum 3 pages in an APA format. Include a reference page. 

Your submission must show that you used the e-book as an additional resource to support your response. Use format and in your own words to explain the following: (NOTE: Points will be deducted if you do not cite your external sources properly.)

1) Problem identification

2) Problem clarification

3) Identification of important patient characteristic

4) The advantage of psychological testing

5) Explain the use of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (mmpi-2) and how this psychological clinical instruction was administered in the case of Victoria Smith.