Week 1 Discussion Forums

Week 1 Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums

Week 1 Discussion Forums

HSE 460: European Union

Politics and government in Europe are much different than in the United States. As we start the class, we need to understand the political development of modern Europe, and we build into homeland security issues as we progress.

In this forum, discuss “Europeanization,” and analyze how the fall of the Soviet Union impacted the development of Europe and the European Union. 

HSE 470: Modern Terrorism

For this discussion, consider how we define terrorism.  Although terrorism is inherently political, the specific motivations and purposes vary across definitions.  As noted in Chapter 1, David Rapoport identified four modern waves of terrorism:

· Anarchist

· Anticolonial

· New Left

· Religious Waves

Considering Rapoport’s four modern waves, explore the modern causes of terrorism in Africa.  Are they anarchist?  Anticolonial? New Left? Religious?  Is there a common thread?


Discussion forum participation will be graded using the following criteria:

4 points

5 points

Engagement / Interaction

N/A – no points are available for this criterion

engaged in a meaningful and relevant dialog with
 two or more peers


N/A – no points are available for this criterion

participated on
 two or more days

Content / Topic Relevance

discussion forum contributions very often addressed the main topic

discussion forum contributions always addressed the main topic


N/A – no points are available for this criterion

responded to main topic the day of the first post due date

Content / Topic Knowledge

displays a very good understanding of the material

displays an excellent understanding of the material