Week 2

Week 2



To: <Your Project Manager’s Name Here>

From: <Your Name Here>

CC:  <Anyone else who gets a copy here>

Dear <Your Project Manager’s Name Here>. Thanks for the invitation to this team. Here is the information as I understand it:

CEO: <CEO’s Name Here>

CIO: <CIO’s Name Here>

Cybersecurity Specialist: <Cybersecurity’s Name Here>

Networking Specialist: < Networking’s Name Here>

IT Project Management Specialist: <ITPM’s Name Here>

Data Analytics Specialist: <DA’s Name Here>

Software Development Lead: <Software Dev Lead’s Name Here>

Our organization 

<an overview and history/background of your fictitious organization. Follow the instructions on what to talk about here 1-3 paragraphs>

My Expertise I bring to the team 

<Your Role on the team and what you will be doing. This is an overview of what you’ve learned at Strayer in your concentration. Be specific about how your interaction will serve the project you envision 1-2 pages. Be specific about what you learned in your classes.>