Week 3 discussion

Week 3 discussion

The advent and greater expanse of the Internet and availability of digital communication tools, such as video calling, provides an easier global expansion path for entrepreneurs.


Based on the Mayu LLC case study that is available in the Wk 3 Learning Activities folder and in “Part 6: Cases” of the course textbook, respond to the following questions:

  • What are some key points for Mayu to consider as part of her international business plans?
  • Do you agree with her short-term business plan?
  • Which problem-solving techniques should she use to execute her short-term business plan? Explain your response.

Response Requirements
  • By Thursday, respond to the prompt above in a minimum of 175 words.
  • By Monday, post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to classmates or your faculty member.
  • Include one or more peer reviewed journal articles from the UoP Library to support your response and provide academic credibility. This reference must have a corresponding in-text citation. These must both be in APA format. Without these (as a whole) there is an automatic 10% deduction.

  • Posts and Assignments:

    • Please know that for all assignments, THE FIRST THING I look at is your references before grading anything. Also, the OWL is a great APA site. Check it out. The Owl

    • Several times, the sources were good but not in APA format. The same was true for in-text citations, which are always mandatory and need to correspond to your references.

    • A few times, no references were provided at all. Remember that all assignments will require references that are APA formatted with in-text citations. 

    • Without proper APA in-text citations, the reader has no way to know what information is attributed to your references. As such, it is the same as not providing any references. It could also be construed as plagiarism. So you need to be incredibly careful here.

    • Don't forget to fully answer/address questions or issues. Make sure to meet or exceed the minimum word count. Doing the minimum does not equate to an A grade.

    • As a reminder from Announcement #2, everyone MUST use a peer reviewed reference to support their responses to the original question (not required for replies).

    • DO NOT use the textbook alone for this requirement. Please research and use one or more peer reviewed journal articles from the Up Library.