Week 6 -Application Paper

Week 6 -Application Paper

 In Business Ethics Chapter 9(Business and Environmental Sustainability), the authors note that “the opening chapters of this text introduced ethics in terms of practical reasoning.  Deciding what we should do is the ultimate goal of practical reason, and our values are those standards that encourage us to act one way rather than another.  Our values provided us with reasons for acting” (p. 343). The purpose of this assignment is to challenge you to reflect on your own values and decisions with respect to concern for our natural environment.  For this application paper, you are to craft an academic paper that addresses the following:

  • What values do you hold, and what decisions have you made, that reflect your level of concern for our natural environment?
  • What reasons would you offer to business leaders to promote protection of our natural environment from degradation?
  • Why should business leaders be concerned with, and value, our natural world?
  • Describe the ethical issues and environmental responsibilities that you believe apply to business operations, and explain your reasoning.



Title of the Paper Centered in Title Case and Bold Text

First Name Middle Initial. Last Name

Business Department, St. Ambrose University

MBA-615-2: Ethical & Social Responsibility of Business

Dr. William E. Holdorf

Assignment Due Date

Title of the Paper Centered in Title Case and Bold Text

Begin the body of the paper with an introductory paragraph. There should be no “Introduction” header. This is where you introduce the paper and provide a thesis statement. When using the Composition Code, this is your first paragraph with an Opening Sentence, Points, and Transition (OPT).

This is a Level 2 Header

When using the Composition Code, this is your first (1REST) paragraph/section with your Reason restated in different words, Evidence supporting the reason, Summary supporting your thesis, and a Transition to the next REST paragraph.

This is a Level 2 Header

This is your second (2REST) paragraph/section.

This is a Level 2 Header

This is your third (3REST) paragraph/section.

When needed, use additional Level 2 Headers to create more sections and paragraphs.


Craft a conclusion for the paper.


Hartman, L., DesJardins, J., & MacDonald, C. (2024). Business ethics: Decision making for personal integrity & social responsibility (6th ed.). McGraw Hill.


MBA 615: Ethical & Social Responsibility of Business

Guidelines for Application Papers (Spring 2024)

Application papers facilitate deliberate thinking on the assigned topic. Each application paper is to provide a substantial treatment of the topic. It should be two to three full pages in length. Use the template provided by the instructor, which is set with 12-point Times New Roman font, paragraph indents, double-line spacing, and 1-inch margins. In the papers, cite sources in APA style by noting author and year in the text, such as (Smith, 2012). Save the paper as a Microsoft Word document, and submit it by uploading the file in Blackboard.

The application papers for this class have a maximum value of 60 points, and they will be evaluated with the following rubric:




Sun by midnight


Timing of submission










Format (use of the template, length, margins)

0 – 2

3 – 4

5 – 7

8 – 10

Clarity of writing (grammar, spelling, style)

0 – 2

3 – 4

5 – 7

8 – 10

Composition (Structure and development convey a clear case, rather than unsubstantiated opinions)

0 – 7

8 – 15

16 – 24

25 – 30

Timeliness. Timing has value. While the deadline for submission is midnight on Sunday, students can earn extra credit points by submitting papers early. Thus, the maximum point value for timing, 20 points, is achieved by submitting by midnight on Friday. Papers submitted by midnight on Sunday will earn full credit of 10 points, and late papers earn no points for timing. The time stamp in Blackboard is the official clock. As a general policy, papers will lose twenty-five percentage points for every day they are late, and papers submitted later than five days from the due date will not be accepted.

Format. The template in MS Word is provided on Blackboard for students to download and use. Students will find a specific template for each paper in the assignments folder for that week.

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