What Drives Healthcare Spending

What Drives Healthcare Spending

  Download and read the Deloitte Synopsis (PDF)

Consider the relationship between healthcare costs and consumer behavior. Include the 

following aspects in the discussion:

  • After reviewing the Synopsis version, focus on the Consumers and the human experience section.
  • In a few short sentences, this report asserts that healthcare consumers have needs, goals, preferences, demands, and expectations. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?
  • Share what your needs, goals, preferences, demands, and expectations are.
  • Discuss the impact these consumer drivers have on healthcare costs.
  • Do you think the US can afford to meet consumer needs, goals, preferences, demands, and expectations? If not, how would the system ration each so it was affordable?
  • Cite any references. Proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling are required. Use your own words. Copying and pasting are not allowed.