Wk 3 Assessment Prep: Needs Assessment Outline

Wk 3 Assessment Prep: Needs Assessment Outline

To set the foundation for this assignment, it’s important to understand needs assessments. According to Indeed: Needs assessments are tools you can use to gain valuable insights into a company’s actions or processes to determine efficiency. This assessment can be part of a company’s planning process to determine gaps or needs and how to address areas for improvement. (Indeed Editorial Team, 2022, para. 1)


The results of a needs assessment can not only provide managers with direction, but also provide justification of recommended solutions and initiatives.


As a manager and developer of your business plan, it is necessary to re-examine your selected business’s current consumer base to ensure that your recommended solution (e.g., the introduction of a new or updated process, product, or service) is aligned with consumer preferences and needs. Strategic managers use problem-solving based on research to determine the accuracy of target markets and make necessary adjustments based on their customers’ needs.


Gather research for your selected business to develop a consumer needs assessment.

Review the Week 4 summative assessment instructions, as the research you gather now will be used to develop your Week 4 summative assessment deliverable.


Assignment Deliverable

Create a 1- to 2-page outline in which you organize research on consumer needs for your selected business. Include the following: 

  • Detailed relevant information to be gathered on your selected business’s target market consumer
  • How and when the information about your selected business’s target market will be collected
  • How the target market information to be gathered aligns with the impetus for change in your selected business, addresses identified challenges, and aligns with strategic management principles
  • Why you decided to gather this specific information.
  • Incorporate at least three properly cited sources with in-text citations (you will likely need more than three). Peer reviewed references not required for this assignment.

Format citations and references according to APA guidelines.